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ThinkGeek's Bisexual Flag Unicorn Bouquet

Jayne SheaComment

ThinkGeek is selling a bouquet of pink, purple and blue unicorn plush toys for Valentine's Day. As in a bouquet of unicorns in bisexual flag colors. I can't make this stuff up. Now everyone I love knows what to get me for Valentine's Day...  although I'm tempted to just get one for myself and bestow their magicalness on all of my loved ones. I already have their unicorn slippers, knee-highs, yoga pants and robe. Any company that has an entire section of its website devoted to unicorns is ok in my book, but when they decide to sell a biflag bouquet of them... well let's just say I'll be a lifelong customer. (EDIT: They have a  unicorn cardigan in biflag colors too! Ok, must stop shopping...)

BiFlag Unicorn Bouquet