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One way that I am working to promote bisexual awareness and visibility is by providing themed bisexual apparel options. Sign up for my mailing list now (or, you know, whenever) to get emails about new designs!


Bi Star Fighter

Be the bi hero we need with this circular design with wings. Help beat back bi erasure! (And get a cool shirt =) )


Bisexual Slash

Show your true colors and let everyone know you bleed bi with this t-shirt. Pairs great with metal claws.


Fairy Flight

That little whisper in your ear that says go for it.


Rainbow Unicorn Silhouette

Unicorns + Rainbows = You in this shirt.


Circle Slant Bi Colors Distressed

A more stealthy look for everyday bi's.



Unicorn Silhouette

Unicorn silhouette on a grungy bisexual themed floral explosion. Once you go unicorn you never go back.

Also available in fitted style tshirts through here.