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Pride 2019: The Final Countdown

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Pride Month 2019 has been an absolute whirlwind so far! It has been so much fun seeing everyone at the various events we have attended and I can’t wait to celebrate in Seattle this weekend. Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on so far:

Burien Pride

burien 2019.jpg

Burien Pride has been around for three years now and this year they expanded to fill two sections of street, wrapping around the beautiful park. This event is so fun and family friendly. I just wish I had more time to see all the fabulous drag acts they bring to their stage! The food is also a highlight of this event for me and my crew. Mmm… Aussie Pies….

Facebook Employee Pride

I was honored once again this year to be invited to Facebook’s Employee Pride fair. Their South Lake Union Campus is so gorgeous! They have a few select Pride vendors and affiliated organizations come set up near their amazing free cafeteria during the lunch hour. This year I set up my little table next to one of the most fun meeting spaces that employees can book through the company’s meeting room service - a hot tub full of ball pit balls. Shoutout to my booth neighbors: Gender Justice League and Cupcake Royale!

Facebook 2019.jpg

Volunteer Park Pride Festival

volunteer park 2019.jpg

I was hard to miss at Volunteer Park - one of the very first booths off the main road, as you headed into the Festival from where the food trucks were parked. Unlike last year, where we got poured on as we were packing up, the weather cooperated fully this year with bright, beautiful skies. Formerly known as Pride Picnic, this event is always a big one for families, or people looking to share pride in a more low key atmosphere than the big events at the end of the month. One of my favorite parts of this festival, since it’s in one of my favorite parks, is seeing all the adorable doggos! My other favorite part was this bright spirit. He had been working the event setup earlier in a black tee, boots and, as he called them “ninja pants” and came to me to brighten up his look. With the adorable fairy wings he made over at Delta Dental’s booth, I’d say he achieved his goal! (If you like this shirt, it’s available here.)

rainbow guy.jpg

White Center Pride - Sunday Funday Pride Fair

The brand new White Center Pride festival, a multi-day collection of events and activities at various businesses around White Center, had a fun little event at Future Primitive Brewing the Sunday after Volunteer Park, so I went down and set up my booth for a little while. The community and the business owners were so kind and welcoming! I look forward to seeing this community’s Pride efforts grow in the future.


PDX Pride Northwest - Portland Pride Festival

Portland 2019.jpg

It’s hard to choose but if I had to, I’d say Portland Pride (aka PDX Pride Northwest) is my favorite Pride event every year. There’s just something about the multi-generational aspect of the crowd, the beautiful park setting on the river, and the incredible lineup of performers on the main stage that makes it so special! Although we didn’t get to share a wall with our friends from Bi Brigade this year, it was still a lovely event. My giant rainbow erasers that I’d hand lettered “Fight Bisexual Erasure” on were a complete hit and I sold out of those! We also debuted our new Roly Poly Bi Unicorn, Roly Poly Rainbow Unicorn, and Bi Unicorn Silhouette designs at Portland Pride as well, and people thought they were fun, cute, and fierce!

Next Up… Seattle Pride

This weekend, you can find me at PrideFest Capitol Hill on Saturday, June 29, and Seattle PrideFest on Sunday, June 30. At Capitol Hill, I’ll be on Broadway between E Thomas St. and E Olive Way, across from Panache. The booth will be one block away from the Main Stage, with plenty of fun performers all day. This event also includes a fun Family Pride in Cal Anderson Park, with Drag Queen Story time and other family activities. On Sunday at the main PrideFest event during/after the Seattle Pride Parade, I have a brand new location at Seattle Center! This year they have moved me down to the Fountain zone, near the Fountain Stage. It’s a bit daunting, what with the crowd and all, but a HUGE move for bisexual visibility. I hope to see you there!!

Pride 2016: Scared, but Showing Up Anyway

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Queer communities around the world are having an interesting and important discussion right now: what's next? How do we move forward in the face of so much hate and celebrate Pride when we're also in mourning? How do we manage the fear and anxiety that the events in Orlando have brought up for us again? I say again because the fear of being attacked and killed because of who we love is something that queer people face every day. Orlando was a brutal reminder of that ongoing threat. The question is this: given the current environment, should we still attend upcoming Pride festivals, despite this fear and anxiety?

Several communities have held Pride celebrations in the wake of the shooting so far. For me as well, the answer is yes. I've already booked my booths at Pride Northwest in Portland, PrideFest Capitol Hill, and PrideFest 2016 at Seattle Center, so I can't not go, but I also can't help but feel anxious. I've cried and worried and discussed it with my partner. My parents have expressed their concern for my safety as well. I take some comfort in the fact that if something happened, he and I would both be "the helpers" Fred Rogers was talking about - we both have first aid and leadership training and would not hesitate to get people to safety and provide aid. But beyond that, we have also discussed our duty to represent the bi community at these events, to show everyone that we do exist and we won't be silenced by acts of hate. Last year we were the only bi booth at both festivals. We have the honor and the responsibility of being a strong, supportive source of bisexual pride. If you're nervous about attending Pride Northwest Portland and Seattle PrideFest, as I will be, please know that you'll find a kindred spirit and a safe place at my booth. Come by for a chat or a hug and know that you are among friends and that our bisexual pride can not be silenced.