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Congratulations to Oregon Governor Kate Brown

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via  glaad

via glaad

Kate Brown, a bisexual woman, is officially the first LGBT person to be elected governor of a U.S. state. I am so excited and proud that my neighbor state has elected someone who I and many other bisexual people can relate to. Like me, Governor Brown is married to a man but has had relationships with women. She can "pass" as straight, but was outed in the '90s by a news publication.

Learn more about Governor Kate Brown in this NPR story about her election, and this story about her frank discussion of her sexuality during a graduation speech earlier this year. The closing lines of that story particularly stuck with me:

Shortly after being sworn in, Brown received a letter from a young bisexual person in Indiana. It stuck with her.

"They felt like my coming out gave them a reason to live, like there's other people out there like me," she said. "That's what I was able to say to my mom: This makes a huge difference to people."