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The Best Bisexual Allies: Caring Partners

Jayne SheaComment

Today I shipped off a bisexual pride unicorn shirt and a bisexual pride flag to a woman who bought them for her husband. Now I'm not sure if she is bi, or just him, but it reminded me of when my heterosexual male partner bought me my first bisexual themed shirt to wear to Seattle Pride, and of the fact that often the best allies bisexual people can have are our partners.

When we are faced with erasure from others, these allies recognize and honor our bisexual identities. They know that just because we are dating them, someone of the opposite gender, does not suddenly make us straight. For bisexual poly folks like me, their understanding extends even further to respect and support same-sex  or opposite-sex relationships for us, whether or not they are involved.

So to all of you awesome allied partners of bisexual people out there: THANK YOU for your love and support.

(Note: this article was originally written with a focus on heterosexual partners, and it has been updated to reflect that both same-sex and opposite-sex partners of bisexual people can be and are fantastic allies.)