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Happy BiWeek 2016 & Celebrate Bisexuality Day!

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Happy BiWeek and BiDay to all of my amazing friends, fans and allies! This morning I celebrating by dropping my friend Dee Dee off at the airport. She was chosen to represent the Seattle bisexual community at the White House's BiWeek events. (She's one of the leaders of the Seattle Bisexual Women's Network!) Our community came together to provide her a plane ticket and so far we have raised $750 via a GoFundMe campaign to support her lodging, meal and transportation costs while she's there. This is such an amazing opportunity and I'm so proud and happy for her!

I've seen several out bi friends post messages of support and awareness on social media today and it's so encouraging. For those of who who can, I encourage you to make your friends aware of this day and this week. For those who can't, take time to reflect on your sexuality and your relationships, and connect with your community if possible. However you are celebrating BiWeek 2016 or Celebrate Bisexuality Day, I wish you peace, joy and pride!